• Saunders A. - Building Cross-Platform Apps Using Titanium, Alloy, and Appcelerator Cloud Services - 2014.pdf 16.51 MB
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  • AVL_CONCERTO_5_is_the_generic_data_processing_platform_for_visualizing__analyzing_and_reporting_many_measured_and_simulated_data_types._Its_powerful_.._NJ7DI3.exe 1.22 MB
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  • Santos W.R.d. - Infinispan Data Grid Platform Definitive Guide - 2015.pdf 16.21 MB
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  • Ouellette J. - Development with the Platform, 3rd Edition Building Business Applications in the Cloud - 2013 (Developer's Library).pdf 7.57 MB
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  • Fustino R. - Azure and Xamarin Forms Cross Platform Mobile Development - 2018.pdf 14.14 MB
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  • Rischpater R. - Beginning Java ME Platform (Beginning From Novice to Professional) - 2008.pdf 5.66 MB
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  • Miller C. - Cross-platform Localization for Native Mobile Apps with Xamarin - 2016.pdf 2.77 MB
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  • Popov S. - Applied SOA Patterns on the Oracle Platform - 2014.pdf 51.74 MB
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  • Fraser S.R. - Pro Visual CCLI and the .NET 2.0 Platform (Expert's Voice in .NET) - 2006.pdf 23.09 MB
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  • Salvaris M., Dean D., Tok W.H. - Deep Learning with Azure Building and Deploying Artificial Intelligence Solutions on the Microsoft AI Platform - 2018.pdf 7.68 MB
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