• The Higherside Chats Plus - Anthony Patch - Geoengineering, The 5G Conspiracy and The A.I. Takeover September 15, 2017.mp3 54.63 MB
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  • The Higherside Chats Plus - Michael Joseph - The Hidden Hand, Elite Bloodlines, Root Races and Occult Religion August 30, 2017.mp3 66.55 MB
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  • The Higherside Chats Plus - Ole Dammegard - Staged Terror - Manchester, London, Charlottesville, Barcelona (2017).mp3 76.27 MB
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  • The Higherside Chats Plus - Susan Clark - The 5G Conspiracy, Radiofrequency Radiation, and Eco-Genocide October 13, 2017.mp3 62.56 MB
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  • The Higherside Chats Plus - Max Igan - Ancient Mysteries, The Control Grid, Social Credits, and Finding Freedom MP3.mp3 138.04 MB
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  • The Higherside Chats Plus - Tracy Twyman - Hidden Hyperspace Kingdoms, Q Anon, Disney, and The Construct MP3.mp3 149.33 MB
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